We provide structural inspections for homes, new builds, historic structures, and more

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New Home Inspections

Our experienced team provides structural inspections for new builds. If you need a footing inspection, foundation wall inspection, framing inspection, or another inspection on a new build we can provide a report that can be submitted to the local building department.

We work to schedule all home inspections to meet project requirements and quickly send out reports after the inspection has taken place to allow the project to remain on schedule.

Renovation Inspections

If you are preparing for a home renovation and have any structural questions give us a call! We can create detailed reports about the structural system of your home including which walls are load-bearing, if your existing foundation can take the load of an addition, and any other questions you may have before your renovation.

If your renovation has already started and you run into an unforeseen issue we are willing and able to create a report detailing a solution to your problem.

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Issues with an Existing Structure

If you believe you have issues with your foundation including settlement or heaving we can provide inspection services and a detailed report stating the problem, and its location, and provide references for a contractor that can fix the problem.

We can also help to solve any other structural issues. This includes unlevel floors, sloping roofs, or any other signs of structural degradation and failure. We will get to the site, perform the inspection, and have a detailed report back to you quickly to allow any required remediation to then take place.

Forensic Inspections

Whether there has been a structural failure, weather damage, or any type of structural litigation we can provide reports and expert testimony on the structural issue.

We have worked with individuals and companies when inspections are needed to determine the root cause of structural damage. We provide thorough inspections, detailed reports, and quick turnaround on our reports. We explain things as simply and clearly as possible to ensure that our conclusions are clear to all parties involved.

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From Our Clients

Holly N.

“Luke was absolutely phenomenal to work with! He was very communicative, punctual, fair on the price, and gave us realistic expectations. Very professional on all levels. I highly recommend Cronin Engineering and Inspection!!”

Ajeet T.

“Cronin Engineering made every part of the process easy and hassle free. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.”

Jerrod B.

“Luke was great. Prompt, professional, listened to exactly what we were looking for and provided a great solution to our joist reinforcement.”

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