We provide foundation repairs & inspections for residential and commercial projects

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Foundation Inspections

Do you see new cracks forming in your drywall?  Do your floors feel like they’re uneven?  If you are noticing symptoms like these it could be due to foundation issues. 

We provide structural inspection services to diagnose your foundation and determine if the foundation needs repair and the best solution for the repair.  All of our inspections utilize the use of an altimeter to measure your floors to pinpoint the exact area of foundation displacement rather than simply looking at symptoms. 

We will provide a detailed report with our findings and our recommendations.  This can be useful for homeowners who have seen symptoms of foundation movement or if you are buying or selling a home.  We pride ourselves in quickly turning around reports to allow for the next steps to be taken. 

Foundation Repairs

We provide structural foundation repair drawings for repairs of all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes a foundation needs minimal repairs such as regrading around the structure and others require more severe measures such as underpinning. 

We can provide engineered designs for all levels of foundation damage, we are an unbiased third party engineering firm and will not try to upsell you on anything that isn’t required for repair.  You can use our repair drawings to find a contractor that you choose to work with, or we can refer you to several contractors that we have worked with in the past. 

After the contractor has completed the foundation repair we will perform an inspection to verify that the foundation repair work was performed properly and write a letter with our findings.  

Some common foundation repair designs that we perform include: underpinning of the foundation using helical piers or micropiles, designs to fix leaning walls such as wall braces, wall anchors, or helical tiebacks, improved grading/drainage drawings including the design of french drains and improved grading. 

We work to find the most efficient solution for each project and will work with the contractor of your choosing to make sure your foundation is repaired correctly!

foundation wall repair structural engineering services
retaining wall repair structural engineering services

Retaining Wall Repairs

If you have noticed leaning, cracking, or other signs of structural distress in your retaining wall we can help.  Our qualified engineers are experienced with issues surrounding structural problems with retaining walls and can offer solutions to repair each unique situation. 

One frequent problem surrounding retaining walls is poor drainage, if you are noticing that the retaining wall is leaning and is not draining like it has in the past it is likely due to inadequate drainage behind the wall.  This can cause excessive hydrostatic pressure to build behind the wall which will cause the wall to lean. 

Common fixes for retaining walls include adding wall anchors or helical tiebacks as well as improving the grading and drainage around the wall, and can also include new wall design if replacement is necessary. 

Our engineers are experienced with all types of problems with retaining walls and are happy to assess and design a fix for you!

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“Luke was great. Prompt, professional, listened to exactly what we were looking for and provided a great solution to our joist reinforcement.”

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