Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Cronin Engineering – FAQs

We try to make our inspections affordable for our customers.  Inspections vary in cost, but typically a site visit will cost $300 and if a report is required the cost is $600.  Inspections can be more expensive for a larger scope of work.

Cronin Engineering and Inspection takes on projects of all sizes, the cost for the structural design will vary depending on the size and scope of the structural design.  CEI will provide a structural design proposal and we will come to an agreed upon price with our customers before starting any work, you won’t be charged until we reach an agreement on price.

We prefer to take payment online, we will send you an invoice that can be paid digitally with a credit or debit card.  We also accept other forms of payment, namely checks and cash if that is what you prefer.

We strive to quickly turn around our reports, we guarantee that you will have a report within two business days of the inspection and frequently we are able to turn them around in one business day.

If you are seeing signs of structural distress in your home such as cracks in the exterior facade or interior drywall we recommend contacting us.  Also, if a home inspection report or other report recommends contacting a structural engineer for any reason we encourage you to reach out to our team!

Yes, we work with many qualified contractors and can recommend contractors for any project type

We are usually able to get out to an inspection within a week of the first call.  Often we can make it out within two business days of being contacted if this is required by your project.

Yes, we are licensed as engineers in the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada.  We can provide stamped engineering drawings that can be used for building department approval in any of these states.

Yes, we are insured with liability and worker’s compensation insurance.

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